“Cold Living” (2012)

Spirit Vine “Cold Living” is a music video for Los Angeles dark-psych-blues band Spirit Vine.  The video marks the third video collaboration between cinematographer/photographer Amberlie Bankoff and writer/director Michel Cuenca.  It is also the first music video directed by Cuenca.

The video plays homage to the Evil Dead series of horror movies and features Julie Pepin reprising her role of “Jenn Powell” Jerry Powell & the Delusions of Grandeur.

A heard of deadly plants rise from the soil and fiendishly possess Los Angeles alternative-rock group Spirit Vine, causing whomever they come in contact with to transform into their sinister doppelgänger.

Edited, Story & Directed by Michael Cuenca
Shot by Amberlie Bankoff
Staring Spirit Vine, Joey Halter, Julie Pepin