By the Wayside is the second feature length project by director Michael Cuenca. The ensemble film was shot in a cinema verite style and completed within seven days with no rehearsals and Cuenca building the entire storyline in the editing room after each day’s shoot. Scene outlines and notes were given to the actors involved accordingly.

Jim is a background actor hoping to make it into the big time. His roommate is Sam, a documentary filmmaker. When the two are evicted from their home they meet with homeless musician Dio and a Catholic virgin named Mars. The four descend into a life-awakening 24 hours that involve excess drinking, prostitutes, a sage-like lounge singer and psychedelic drugs.

Written, Directed & Edited by Michael Cuenca
Shot by Jessica Gallant
Staring Joey Halter, Michael Cuenca, Dan Rojay, Steven Escot

Hitchcock Award for Outstanding Direction, RLFF
Best Picture, RLFF